The session this morning was more than I ever expected. You took me to a different place and rocked my world! I have found a professional who has perfected their skill. You are the benchmark and I will be seeking no further for anyone else. It is amazing how close to everything I have been craving for in my mind you made so real for me. Your friendliness, demeanor and ability to read me makes for the ultimate session. I am not very spiritual, but I thank God when he allows me to meet people like you that do what you do. Thank you again for the "reset" and keeping me sane when my mind wanders away from focus. I hope I was a enjoyable client.

Please let me know when you will be in town again. I will be happy to carve out more time for longer sessions and move mountains to make sure I can accommodate your schedule.

Oh yeah, and let me know your shoe size! I think I know what size should work for the stockings.

Back to work and getting focused!

I cannot wait to see you again.

Paul D    July 24, 2017   Ohio   

Hi mistress

Hope you're enjoying London and all those British men!

Have been thinking about all the naughty thoughts that you put in my head regarding 2 mistresses at the same time. The session I experienced at your hands was nothing less than sensational! You had my mind and body all a flutter. Im very much looking forward to our next encounter.

Lex    October 5, 2016   London England   

I just wanted to say thanks. I Really enjoyed our session!! Like I told you in our session I have been doing this since 1990. So, I'm not new to this by any stretch, but in all my years of seeing people you were hands down the best Dom I have ever seen!!!

The session's I do here in Chicago are not bad, but you have a ton of very fun toys that a lot of mistresses just don't invest in. I was so glad to see you had the electrical unit with the attachments for the ass - which is my all time favorite! It was also a huge turn on how you kept my arms tied and then when you turned me over and said " put your legs together" and next thing i know you were sliding in your cock.

It was also a major credit how well you lubricated my ass, it makes it much easier to take things (that doesn't always happen). The other thing i liked was how you tied up my cock in such restrictive bondage. Although i released early, you kept it under really good control as you teased me to the edge and then left me hanging. So evil!! I LOVED IT!!

I really just cant stress enough how great the session was. You dressed exactly like I asked, you smelled great and you looked fantastic (love your hair, really sexy) and you played the sexy part to a "T" It must be a natural ability - lol

Safe travels, stay in touch beautiful!!!!!

Carl S.    September 16, 2016   Chicago, IL   

Mistress Montana,

Just a note to say what a wonderful experience tonight was! In a word it was fantastic! You are a wonderful young lady and you took my apprehensions away and guided me thru a wonderful fantasy!

As I have said...I have been struggling for years with all kinds of sexual,frustration....I really am tired of feeling dirty because I have a vivid fantasy life. Thank you for helping me step thru this. It was so nice just to let go and be vulnerable! I really appreciate it!

I'm already looking forward to our next appointment in a couple of weeks.

J. Tee    May 10, 2016   Baton Rough Louisiana   

Dear Mistress

Thank you for a wonderful session last night.

I really enjoyed our time together; the chemistry; the 2 orgasms; the blindfold and hood; the various bondage; your dominance and certainty and, of course, the poppers. Thank you!

Did you dine at the restaurant that I recommended last night? If so, did you enjoy it?
Enjoy the rest of your stay in London, and I look forward to seeing you on your next visit
With best wishes.

James M    February 26, 2016   London, UK   

Mistress Montana,

I came to see you yesterday for a session and I can't get you off my mind. From the moment I stepped through your door I was taken back. You are quite beautiful. I must admit I wasn't expecting that. I'm not sure why. If I had to guess, I would say it was because I had not seen any pictures of your face. However, not only are you very pretty, but you look much younger than your age. The session I experienced at your very capable hands was a top experience for me. You were not only friendly but you made the session feel very real. I never felt like I was paying for a session, but instead it felt like I was playing with a partner. I was completely turned on by everything, from the music to the truly erotic way you kept touching my body. Never being overt, but getting oh so close. I found myself smelling for your perfume so I could try and press against you. I was on the edge the whole time. Hell I was over the edge or at least I thought so until you strapped me down and hooked me up to that Venus 2000. What a wicked machine that is. That took over the edge to a whole new level! I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon! I will call you to set something up when I know my travel schedule for next month.

D. Hammon    April 13, 2015   Kansas City, Missouri   

Mistress Montana,

I have been a client of Mistress Montana for longer than I like to admit, but let’s just say longer than 10 years. I have had the opportunity to visit professional dominatrixes and disciplinarians throughout the country during my business travels over the past 15 years and I can unequivocally state that Mistress Montana is the BEST and that she is without peer. Mistress Montana is always dependable and responsive. If you can communicate your fantasies, desires, and needs to her, I guarantee you she can make them come true for you. Mistress Montana has a rare ability to be both very sensual and teasing or a very stern and strict disciplinarian. If you need to be taken in hand and given a good spanking or paddling, I guarantee you won’t find anyone better than Mistress Montana to meet your needs.

C. James    March 3, 2015   Arlington, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

As you know, I have been coming to see you for the last 20+ years. And during that time I have experienced an exhilaration and excitement – the level of which has not only been exceptional but quite unique. As my interests have evolved into a complex interaction of CD, bondage, and latex – I was unsure of who or where to take these needs.

It has been through my contact and interaction with you that I have been able to explore my fantasies, dreams, and fascinations way beyond what I thought was possible. You have been able to bring a level of excitement that I was unaware of. And while I had certain desires and fantasies, it was only through your capacity as a dominant and talented Mistress that they became reality.

In my opinion, you are a consummate professional who has a keen intellect. You are exceptional in your professionalism and taste and my caveat would be – you are not for the average ‘run of the mill’ type. But for the sophisticated and demanding individual who is looking for someone to bring their fantasies and desires to reality, then there is no one better suited to the task than you.

G. Ford    February 28, 2015   Dallas, Texas   


When we first spoke 10 yrs ago I explained that I was the dominant half of a dedicated D/s couple. And that we have a long distance relationship where I am periodically In need of a Domme who can disciplined my little girl, if I am unavailable to do so. I started investigating in the Dallas area for a Domme that was attractive, professional, trustworthy and skilled. We set aside a particular weekend to interview the three that seem to be the best choices for us. You were the first and last person we saw that day. We were very impressed! We loved how you were dressed, the cleanliness of your facility, your professionalism and your understanding of what it was that we were looking for. We were both so pleased with the interview that I canceled the other two. You continue to provide a great services to me and to my little girl. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made!”

Cheers, JR    December 31, 2014   Calgary, Canada   

Mistress Montana,

Mistress, I want to Thank You for a truly incredible appointment. What can I say, you are amazing. I usually come to Dallas monthly and I had no idea there was a Dom of your caliber even in Texas. You took my breath away the moment I saw you. Im sure you you get told this all the time but you are a stunning women with some inconceivable skills. There were moments when I felt utterly terrified and yet I found myself wanting more. You are definitely my best experience to date. If any others came close I cant remember when. I will be back next month and I cant wait to return. I will be thinking about you everyday until then.

Ryan M.    August 24, 2014   Boston, Mass   

Dear MS Montana,

I was captivated by you the moment I walked in the door. Im a relatively alpha sub/slave, virgin in some respects, but the way you put me at ease was amazing. There is something about you that is very intimidating but intoxicating at the same time. You pulled me in and had me on edge the whole hour. The pacing was well orchestrated and while at times I thought I was over the edge you seductively and sadistically pulled me back. Its a very rare event for me to get out of my head but you succeed like it was child’s play. You are an extraordinary find and I indeed will be back! That I can guarantee.

A. Lenner    April 6, 2014   New York, NY   

Hi Mistress,

Many thanks for a most extraordinary session this afternoon, it proved a most excellent way to make your acquaintance! I do hope you’d be gracious enough to accept me for future sessions as your schedule permits. I also would be most interested in helping with photos of anything you wish, just let me know! speaking of, I’ve attached 3 web-sized images for your use. I’ve endeavored to strip all identifying information so you may post one on your website should you wish. I’ll retain the original files for a week, in case you need a different size or resolution. (I appreciate the fact they make me look like I have a big boner, too!) thanks again for your kind attention today, especially for the introduction to the use of sounds.

Mike C.    January 20, 2014   Austin, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

I want to say thank you for such an amazing session the other day. I’ve been in the scene for quite some time and have played with prodommes before, but our session was a truly unique experience for me.

During our negotiation, I mentioned that I liked new and different things, and wow did you ever take that and run! The tempo and timing was great, and you quickly swept aside my nervousness and turned those emotions into something a little more primal. I’m looking forward to our next session!

Jon B.    September 3, 2013   Austin, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

Wow , where do I start. I was blown away when I saw you! I love it that you are not younger than me , but you sure as heck look much younger than I do. I don’t know how to put this , but I have been so looking for a top that is not skin and bones. You are perfect. If I was to expand beyond spanking , I would worship you legs. You have some incredible leg! I could not keep my eyes off of them. The roll play was great and I loved it when you said “don’t fuck with my girls”. I have been so nervous with other tops about accidentally dropping a f-bomb. And you are the first to grab my face. Loved it!! My butt does still burn. Love that. Thank you for not making me say mercy. I was close. Thank you so much for the after spanking privilege. I did enjoy. If I was not totally erect , it was because you beat it out of me LOL. I cannot believe I waited this long to contact you. You are the best!

Rob M.    August 3, 2013   Dallas, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

I came to see you when you were here in Austin. My primary interest/fetishes was smothering, strap ons and golden showers. I had seen you all over the internet but just had never made the appointment. Am I ever glad I did this time. All I can say is WOW! You are out of this world. I had read your reviews and the main theme seemed to be how you read everyone mind. Well let’s just say if I was a sceptic before I no longer am. It’s scary how you turned my fantasies into a very real and exciting session. I was so caught up, the line started blurring from what was real to what was fantasy. All I yearned for was to serve my Mistress. And to serve is what you demanded from me! Stern and firm but yet sexy and erotic. At the end you commanded that I drop to my knees and serve as your urinal/bitch boy. While I have had golden showers before I have never been properly trained until now. My fantasy played out better than I could have ever expected it to. Thank you again! I will be back to see you on your next trip to Austin thats for sure.

Moonshine    January 24, 2013   Austin, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

Just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed my first visit and my first experience last Wednesday. There wasn’t anything you did that I did not enjoy. It’s like you read my mind! Looking forward to my next visit.

Thank You!

C. Boyd    October 7, 2012   Corpus Christi, Texas   

Hi Mistress Montana,

I just wanted to say thank you again for seeing me today. You are a lovely, intelligent, perverted and sadistic lady. In other words, perfect! 🙂

I can’t wait until the 25th! No, really, I can’t wait. I would like to see you again before then. Are you available this Monday, the 18th, at 10am, for an hour? I want to see you while I can!

Thanks again!

P. Dillion    June 13, 2012   Delray Beach, Florida   

Mistress Montana,

I want to thank you for yet again another remarkable experience. Every time I come to Dallas you always find a way to totally blow my mind. When you had me naked on all fours with my cock and balls in bondage I thought we would be engaging in dungeon play, until you suddenly told me to get dressed and meet you in your car. I could only think maybe we were going to dinner or something. When I got in and you blindfolded me I thought “I don’t think we are going to dinner.” I was so puzzled. As you drove I tried to keep my sense of direction,but after several turns I was completely lost. All I could think was “What does she have in store for me”, My mind raced and my heart pounded….Were we going to another Dom’s place ? Another one of your client’s house, was it humiliation, forced bi. You really had me going. When I heard the gravel crunch and you came to a stop all of my senses were on edge I was listening for voices, smelling for perfume As you lead me along I thought we were at someones house, I had no idea where I was. When you stopped me ,undid my pants and pulled them down to my knees. I was petrified, I knew we were outside ,but where ? When you bent me over I was so aroused, You told me someone was watching while you F#&ked my ass,you have no idea how exciting that was. The whole experience was incredible. I think you have created another exhibitionist. I look forward to my next trip to Dallas, it should be next month. I will be in contact.

Thank you,
Your Devoted Slave

John    October 16, 2011   Houston, Texas   

Mistress Montana,

Thank you for the wonderful sessions last week. Your ability to take the information elicited in the Q&A before the session and synthesize into an exquisite ascent into subspace is unsurpassed!! (In my humble opinion) Your are incredibly talented, sexy, and a lot of fun to be with. Our sessions were the best professionals sessions I’ve experienced. Hope to see you again in the very near future.

Tim H.    September 20, 2011   Virginia Beach, VA   

Mistress Montana,

Wow! I am so glad I got up the gumption to make an appointment. I am very grateful to you for the deeply exciting, pleasurable and ultimately surprising experience you gave me on my recent trip to Dallas. Thank you!

You already know how good you are (and you have earned every bit of the confidence you exude) so I hope you will post my comments for other potential clients to read and benefit from.

For context, I am experienced player but haven’t seen a professional mistress since my first explorations in the early 1990s. Instead, I have been active in the BDSM scene in the Northwest since the mid-nineties. For ten years my domestic partner and I have played with each other, attended the WetSpot in Seattle, Kinkfest in Portland, Mac in Vancouver, regular private play parties and so on. So I have seen and participated in many, many scenes. In short – I am not easily impressed!

In my humble opinion, you are a great gift to men who want to explore and enjoy their submissive, masochistic side for the following four reasons:

1. You expertly elicited detailed and accurate information about my experience, preferences, and limitations (sexual, physical, emotional, psychological…)

2. You creatively combined all that into an experience that felt very intimate and personalized and accurate; like a master interrogator who can spot a subject’s weak points and crank them open in spite of themselves. I was trembling with excitement for the whole hour.

3. Your pacing was amazing. I switch, so I know how hard it is to orchestrate a scene on the fly – especially one that combined so many different elements. I was already in heaven from the hood, the ritual domination, the sensual/painful teasing, your dirty talking me into fucking myself with that wonderful hook up my ass as you tortured my cock and balls with your hands… Then you shaved my most vulnerable parts while I was bound and helpless – scaring me into rock hard whimpering anxiety / bliss… and STILL you had time to do the most amazing electro ecstatic torture of my cock and ass I’ve ever experienced – Oh My Goddess!

4. Finally, all this transpired within a totally professional, easy to negotiate interaction – from scheduling to directions to payment to cleanup.

Enough said. Obviously, I’ll be visiting again. There are a bunch more terrible things I can hardly wait to have you do to me.

Looking forward,

P. Landry    August 7, 2011   Seattle, Washingtion   

Mistress Montana,

It was nice meeting you, and thank you for the great session today. You are gorgeous! I apologize for the couple of communication mishaps, they were not intentional. All I know is that I definitely had my hands full and you are great at what you do. I hope to schedule another time with you soon.

Have a good weekend.

William    May 15, 2010   Richardson, Texas   

have been a serious hobbyist in this wondrous world of bdsm for over 30 years and I just had the best session of my life and I credit that consummate pro, Mistress Montana of Dallas. And pro is an important word, as in professional. I had never had a domme question me as carefully as she did, really trying to get a sense of what I desired, had loved in the past and not really enjoyed. Also, she’s a hell of a good ol’ girl. I liked the lady. I love cbt, sounds and anal and for an hour and a half, I was in a waxing and waning state of thrashing, ecstatic, turned on excitement. She knows how to pace you like an experienced marathon runner. It wasn’t what I expected…I was expecting meaner and it was simply an intense erotic progression of what my body and psyche needed and ached for…from moment to moment. Damn she’s good!

F. Baker    March 25, 2010   Oklahoma City, OK   

Hello Mistress,

I just wanted too drop u an email too let you know how much i enjoyed the session and look forward too seeing you again. I should be able too call for an appointment in the next week or 2. This may be a little out there but, i was a lil embarrassed about not being as groomed as i would have liked too have been lol. I think because of how smooth you groomed me i will be a lil more relaxed (more submissive) in my next session if that makes sense. Looking forward to see ya soon!

Phillip    February 11, 2010   West Texas   

Hello Mistress,

I cant explain in words the level of excitement I received today. I appreciate you taking my appointment at such a short notice. So what do you think about me fitting into this sort of lifestyle? I certainly have a very dark side which you quite successfully brought out ! I really found you to be a very attractive woman with tremendous personality. Your toy collection is outstanding and a bit intimidating ( in a good way).

Well I just wanted to drop in a quick email. Thank you for a great session today!!

J. Moon    November 22, 2009   Dallas, Texas   

Dear Ms M,

Hello, it is Todd and I wanted to thank you for the fantastic session yesterday. I had a great time exploring:) and really would like to continue to “explore” even more acts. Really all it did was open my mind even more to experimentations. Also I must admit I did see in the sliding closet door that was open, a very very large cock that I would love to be able to take all of it. I was wondered if that might be possible?:)…And wondered what else might be possible…..I was even thinking…. I bet if had all of that deep inside in me, I probably would have even sang your “Boomer Sooner Song” hehhe

Todd S.    August 14, 2009   Ft. Worth, Texas   

Dear Ms M,

Thank you for having me over Tuesday morning. After a session I’m a bit tongue tied so let me express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude.

I can’t say enough about your talent and artistry. Your sense of humor and hearty laugh was a breath of fresh air too. With your permission I will be looking forward to seeing you again soon.

K. Moore    July 21, 2009  

Very well, I think.

Thank you so much for a memorable session – you really are an expert, getting right into my psyche – Ma’am!

I’ll advise on the efficacy of my new “technique” – always assuming of course that you or your Officers don’t have me under surveillance…….

Yours sincerely

I. Barnes    July 12, 2009   London, England   

Greetings Mistress Montana,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I was in session with you this past Saturday, 7 PM at your condo in DelRay Beach. You were the best ever for me, even better than Mistress Alex of NYC. Were you serious about our invitation to the Halloween Party in Dallas? I mentioned it to my wife since we would have to be a duet, me house slave and she player. Getting to Dallas will require some expense and planning, of course. If we are invited how is tribute worked out among the guests? I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

Tom    June 27, 2009   Delray Beach, Florida   

Dear Mistress Montana,

Thank you THANK YOU for that wonderful session. I was pleased the minute we met. I loved you appearance and outfit, and how you took charge immediately. You are a complete professional, and gave me an exceptional experience. Thank you.

I will try to arrange another session before you leave. Are you available evenings and, if so, how late? Please let me know, by email or phone.

Be well

Michael    June 26, 2009   Delray Beach, Florida   


I want to Thank You for a truly remarkable experience.Your dungeon is incredible . You really have a variety of equipment. I cant wait to try it all, I usually come to Dallas monthly. and had no idea there was a Dom. of your caliber even in Texas. You took me right to the edge and dangled me over the side. There were moments I felt terrified yet you made me at ease on just our first meeting.Out of my 25yrs of Sub-play. you are defiantly my best experience .if any others came close i cant remember when, lol . I cant wait to return and will think about you everyday until then. I hope we can do some E-mail/phone sessions in the mean time.

Your devout slave

J. Benjamin    February 26, 2009   Atlanta, Georgia   

Dear Mistress Montana,

What an Awesome Mistress You are. i have had troubles to land back after an incredible time in Your Hands.

The idea to travel to Your Dungeon without underwear had already warmed up my thoughts. Undressing in front of You was just the second step in what was going to become a timeless warp on an enlightening trip. The cuffs, the blind folds and suddenly an overload of feeling, almost breathless for a time that was just out of the time. It could have been hours, days, an eternity. The only thing i can remember is that there was light when i arrived. But the darkness had taken over the area when i left. Not in my mind or my soul. Just around me, leaving.

For a while, i tried guessing what was happening. but then the rhythm became devilish and there was no way i could on the moment store all the necessary information to guess. And when i fell the hook invading me, i just got completely overwhelmed. i had dreamed of experiencing such a device. A little fearful but eager to try once. And it is just an unbelievable feeling. i believe i could easily get hooked.

Feelings were confusing me, between the unbearable soft stroking and the painful slapping, all at the same time. Why fight the pain, just let it sip in and join the pleasure feeling all in a big wave of raw sexual energy. Just try to drink all these waves of pleasure and pain in an almost lethal cocktail of stimulation. The only goal being to drink it to the last drop before exploding in an orgasmic firework.

Every step of the way was bringing me to a cliff ready to jump. But for a long time with the help of Mistress i was able to find a way to back for an instant. Inside and out, i was nothing more than an live object in the hands of a Mighty Mistress. Suspended in the air like a flying thing caught in a net, in a swing or on the floor, stretched at time in a challenging but so rewarding position, i was nothing but Mistress’ property. And Mistress found so fast that i am nothing more than a slut. i love these games, i am addicted to these game.

It is always sad when such a trip must end. But to be able to take the trip again, you need to come back in the world of all. Mistress, this was an incredible time in Your Hands. Given the fact that You had never met me before, You started to read me like an open book, like if you had known me all along. What an incredible art. What an Awesome Mistress.

Today, as i am flying back, i feel empty, as if i was physically missing something in me. Perhaps this hook – boy i can’t wait to try this again. Or some other filling item. i have never really felt this. But i must confess, i do feel Mistress through the physical empty feeling.

All my thanks to Mistress for having granted me a time in Her Presence, for having allowed me to kneel at Her Feet, to endure Her Rule. i hope i did perform well enough that Mistress will allow me back in her Realm in the future.

With respect

Phillippe    November 20, 2008   New York, NY